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Australian Apprenticeships are available in more than 500 occupations across Australia. Find out about some of the more common apprenticeships available by clicking on the links below

What is an Australian Apprenticeships Centre?

Australian Apprenticeships Centres are responsible for providing assistance, advice and support to training providers, employers and Australian Apprentices.

It is their role to provide information and services in support of Australian Apprenticeships to employers and people interested in doing an apprenticeship or traineeship.

Funded by the Australian Government, they are responsible for administering the Australian Apprenticeships Incentive Program. Australian Apprenticeships Centres provide assistance and advice to employers and Australian Apprentices with regards to government incentives including eligibility, assessment, approval and processing payments. They also help with the preparation of training contracts.

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There are many different types of Australian Apprenticeships available and cover:

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  • code of conduct
    About the Australian Apprenticeships Centres Code of Conduct

    The Australian Apprenticeships Centre Code of Conduct applies to all Australian apprenticeships centres and their staff. It covers the minimum standards that are to be applied in all the dealings of these centres with Australian Apprentices, their employers as well as other interested persons. It is aimed at ensuring the delivery of high quality support [...]

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  • group training organisations
    Group Training Organisations

    Group Training Organisations support the traineeship and apprenticeship system in Australia as they provide group training employment for trainees and apprentices. Moreover, they provide administrative support to employers of Australian apprentices by recruiting potential and/or existing Australian apprentices under a traineeship/apprenticeship training contract and placing them with ‘host’ employers while they undertake their training. The [...]

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  • apprentice employment
    Apprentice Employment Options

    Apprenticeships and traineeships generally combine paid work and structured training. They enable you to learn a workplace skill or trade and receive a qualification that is nationally accredited. Apprenticeships usually last 3 – 4 years and cover traditional trades like plumbing, carpentry, hairdressing and electrical Traineeships last 1 -2 years and provide training in vocational [...]

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