Apprentice Concreter

Apprentice Concreter

There are some exciting and prosperous opportunities for Concreters. As an apprentice Concreter you will be responsible for:

  • Creating concrete through mixing substances such as cement, gravel, sand and water
  • Moving concrete into position through operating a concrete pump
  • Filling form work made of wood or steel mould with concrete, make sure it is evenly spread and level, and use vibrators to compact it.
  • Finishing the concrete through utilising paving and trowelling machines to float, trowel and polish the surface
  • Utilising hand tools to create different surface textures through tamping, smoothing and shaping the concrete surface.
  • Stopping random cracking by cutting joints to toughened concrete slabs.
  • Creating coloured surface by mixing and applying oxides, if required.
  • Digging foundation trenches for residential and small commercial projects.

Apprentice Concreter Qualities

When undergoing your concrete apprenticeship, you will excel, if you enjoy outdoor practical work. Your ability to lift heavy objects and physical fitness is important as the job requires more physical energy than other jobs. A school certificate will also be an advantage.

Your Future as an Apprentice Concreter

As a Concreter apprentice, you have the chance to get a minimum of one year employment within construction and building companies or as a sub-contractor.

Education Requirements and Benefits

To become a Concreter apprentice, you do not need prior education or you can have OH&S to do your Certificate III education in Concreting.