Electrotechnology Tradesperson (Electrician)

Apprentice Electrotechnology Tradesperson (Electrician) Job Description

Electrotechnology Electricians have good job prospects. As an Electrotechnology Tradesperson (Electrician) apprentice you will be required to:

  • Understand electrical, mechanical and architectural drawings and diagrams to determine job specifications and requirement.
  • Plan and measure the layout of the wiring systems.
  • Test, find and repair electrical problems.
  • Install and fix electrical and electronic control systems, cables, outlets and equipment.
  • Assemble electrical and electronic appliances.
  • Connect electrical equipment to power supplies.

Apprentice Electrotechnology Tradesperson (Electrician) Qualities

In becoming an Electrotechnology Electrician, you will excel if you enjoy technical and practical work. You should have good vision and normal colour vision, as well as hand-eye coordination. You should possess good oral and written communications skills. You should be able to work individually and in a team. You should have a neat appearance and good physical fitness. A school certificate will also be an advantage.

Your Future as an Apprentice Electrotechnology Tradesperson (Electrician)

As an Electrotechnology Electrician apprentice, you have the bright prospect of obtaining a minimum of four years employment within mining, construction, manufacturing, energy and water supply, storage and transport industries, retail organisations, domestic and commercial electronics service firms or self employment.

Education Requirements and Benefits

To become an Electrotechnology Electrician apprentice, you either need no prior education and have prior industry employment to do your Certificate III in Electronics Trade, Electrotechnology (Building Services), Electrotechnology (Communications), Electrotechnology (Computer Systems), Electrotechnology (Data Coomunications), Electrotechnology (Entertainment and Servicing). Electrotechnology (Refrigeration and Air Conditioning), Electrotechnology (Scanning), Electrotechnology (Systems Electrician), Electrical Trade (Domestic Appliances Servicing), Drafting Trade (Electrical), and/or Electrotechnology Assembly and Servicing.

You need prior Certificate III or equivalent education and industry employment to do your Certificate III in Electrotechnology (Instrumentation).

You need prior Certificate III or equivalent education and industry employment to do your Certificate IV in Electrotechnology (Communications), Electrotechnology (Computer Systems), Electrotechnology (Entertainment and Servicing), Electrotechnology (Instrumentation), Electrotechnology (Refrigeration and Air Conditioning), and/or Electrotechnology (Systems Electrician).