Apprentice Pastry Chef

Apprentice Pastry Chef Job Description

Pastry Chefs have good job prospects. As an Apprentice Pastry Chef you will be required to:

  • Weigh, mix or knead, mature, mould and shape pastry mixture prior to baking.
  • Use tins and trays to place and remove mixture into ovens.
  • Operate and observe baking equipment and temperature for product appearance control.
  • Glaze or decorate pastry with icing or cream.
  • Procure baking supplies from suppliers.
  • Meet health and safety regulations through checking and preserving hygiene of equipments and utensils.
  • Conduct customer service duties.

Apprentice Pastry Chef Qualities

In becoming a Pastry Chef, you will excel if you enjoy manual work and very hygienic. You should possess good coordination skills and have an artistic and creative mindset. Your physical fitness is important as the job requires more physical energy than other jobs. However, you should not have any skin allergies. A school certificate will also be an advantage.

Your Future as an Apprentice Pastry Chef

As a Pastry Chef apprentice, you have the bright prospect of obtaining a minimum of four years within manufacturing firms, hot-bread shops, in-store supermarket bakeries, international/five-star hotels or specialist cake shops.

Pastry Chef Specialist Options

If you are interested in becoming a Pastry Chef, you are able to further specialise as a Patissier, Ice Carver, Festive Cake Decorator or Chocolatier.

Education Requirements and Benefits

To become a Pastry Chef apprentice, you need a school certificate and employment experience to do your Certificate II education in Hospitality, Commercial Cookery or Asian Cookery.