Defence Jobs as an Apprentice

Posted on July 28th, 2011

Become an apprentice professional by getting the best training from one of the most reliable institutions in the country: the Australian Defence Force (ADF). Be the best that you can be and become an apprentice in any of the defence jobs that are currently available. By becoming an apprentice in the Defence Force, you will enjoy the many benefits that come with the job.

Advantages of being an apprentice in the ADF

1. Opportunity to Travel
Not all defence jobs include warfare or open combat. There is a host of non-combative opportunities that you can take part in. Also, since you’ll be working for the ADF, there is a big chance that you’ll be doing a fair bit of travel. This is perfect if you don’t want to find yourself working in a boring desk job.

2. Receive Proper Training
A number of defence jobs are already available to you if you are already qualified in a relevant trade. However if you are not already qualified you need not worry. There are many traineeship positions available in the Army, Air Force, and Navy that will provide you with the teachers and training that you need. All you need then is the willingness to learn and you’ll soon be part of the country’s Defence Force.

3. Financial Security
By being part of the Defence Force, you will have the financial security that will let you focus more on your family and living your life. You will also enjoy full benefits like full medical and dental cover, rental assistance and other government incentives.

4. Rewarding Lifestyle
Life in the Australian Defence Force isn’t the usual office work that most people find themselves in. This is a lifestyle that doesn’t just involve defending the nation but one that will have you participating in world events that affect not only your life, but also those of the whole country. What are you waiting for then? Become an apprentice with  the Australian Defence Force and live a full and rewarding life.